Blackoutlets Podcast EP3: Jessica Simien Interview

jessica headshot

There are those who consume media, those who create media, and those who critique media. Jessica Simien does all of the above. A public relations professional and digital media entrepreneur, Jessica Simien has set out to build a career that is not only reflective of the media landscape but also helps shape the media landscape.

The founder of the self titled entertainment news and lifestyle website, Jessica has turned her passion for pop culture and communication into a platform for audience engagement and creative professional development. A venture that started out as Jessica’s personal pastime, now hosts a staff of young writers and interns each looking to develop their skills as communication professionals. A website which covers a wide range of topics, Jessica pride’s herself on providing content that is reflective of the social, cultural and intellectual diversity of her growing audience.

Now while there is no shortage of entertainment focused websites on the internet, Jessica’s site and her work at large is truly significant in that at the core of her work is a desire to provide access to those who have traditionally not had a voice within the existing media framework. A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Jessica has taken the challenges of living in a small media market and used them as motivation to create opportunities where there previously were none. Whether it is through her marketing partnerships with independently owned business or through her Hometown Heroes series which highlights the work of often overlooked advocates for social change, Jessica looks to challenge the perception that communities are beholden to media perceptions but are in fact architects of the media itself.

In the 3rd episode of the Blackoutlets Podcasts  Jessica Simien shares how she has turned a lack of opportunity into what she believes will become an emerging media movement.

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